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Ey Up, I know thaa desperate to find out ow we mek r'delicious tea and coffee. Naa thi as t'chance to come to r "mega distribution SHED" thisen and blend, roast, grind, try and take away a grand selection o'products.


From 12th March until 14th April we are giving away 10 GOLDEN TICKETS to come and experience r'Factory Tour, grand reyt?!
All YOU need to do is put an order in, keep thi fingers crossed and see if thaa’s lucky and gets thisen a golden ticket.
The Factory Tour will be week commencing 24th May (to suit you)

The experience will include:
- Factory Tour
- Coffee Roasting
- Tea Tasting
- Make thaa own brand bag o'Tea or Coffee
- Snacks (sandwiches, cakes, biscuits etc)

Maximum 4 people allowed on the tour per ticket 
WORTH £140.00 (35.00 per person)