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Cafetiere Ground Coffee

Cafetiere Ground Coffee

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Has thi got one of those fancy plunger things.... (o yer cafetière's) 

Well then your half way there. Why not next time the guests are coming round t'house you make enough to go round?

Barnsley Brew Coffee goes down a treat whilst watching Tarn beat Rotherham on TV.

Brewing Instructions:

1. Pre-Warm the vessel with hot water

2. Measure out one scoop per cup (approx. 10g) 

3. Pour boiled water over the coffee grounds

4. Leave to stand for 3-4 minutes

5. The most fun part..... Pretending you are the world's strongest person push down slowly on the plunger making sure to shout "All this hard work, gonna need a Barnsley Brew!"

6. Leave for a few seconds and then enjoy