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Barnsley Brew Christmas
Barnsley Brew Christmas

Barnsley Brew Christmas

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Caddy of 20 Barnsley Brew Christmas Tea Bags

Reet... We've gone a bit posh here for Christmas at Barnsley Brew. Our new fancy pyramid bagging machine that I like to call Pete makes these fancy bags.

So for the posh description:

A wonderfully seasonal blend full of luscious black tea flavours and fruity, sweet and spicy Christmas flavours. Delicious, full-bodied and aromatic with a slightly sweet finish.

This seasonal blend is inspired by the decadent, warming spices commonly used during the festive season and pairs them with fruity and nutty ingredients for an exceptional and aromatic infusion.

Our Christmas blend uses only the finest dark Ceylon leaves, blended with winter spices, apple and vanilla for a robust, warming and aromatic cup that is also extremely moreish.

Caution this product is the nuts, ooo I mean contains nuts.

Nar... Think I'll stick to speaking 'Tarn!

Have a fantastic Christmas from all of us here at Barnsley Brew.