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Flowering Tea Gift Set
Flowering Tea Gift Set

Flowering Tea Gift Set

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Mothers day is fast approaching... Can't think of an ideal gift?

Why not gift tea but with a twist. This flowering tea set consists of a posh looking Marrakesh glass tea pot and 4 x Dragon Four Flowers bulbs. 

Dragon Four Flowers

Carefully tied by hand, this bloom combines whole green tea leaves with Jasmine, Chrysanthemum and Lavender flowers and is topped by an Amaranth blossom. The leaves and flowers produce a bright golden liquor and a light flavour with lavender notes for a subtle taste reminiscent of spearmint.

Marrakesh Tea Pot

A unique twist on the original glass teapot, traditional Marrakesh Teapots are curvier and are commonly used to serve Morrocan green teas with mint. Our Marrakesh Glass Teapot doubles up and is perfect for watching our hand-tied flowering teas bloom in as well.

The teapot holds 400ml (approximately 2 cups of tea).

How To Brew 

Best served in a teapot, or a large glass mug with sufficient space and depth to allow the blossom to completely open; add hot but not boiling water and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes for the blossom to fully unfold. Serve immediately for best taste.

About Flowering Teas

Flowering teas (or blooming teas) are an exquisite and delightful experience, both in terms of taste and stunning visuals. Formed into a bulb by hand; the crafter begins by selecting the freshest whole green tea leaves and binding them carefully to a beautiful selection of flowers and flower petals, this is then left to dry and set into a delicate bundle.

When steeped, the bundle slowly unfurls in a process resembling a blooming flower to reveal the beautifully laid out tea leaves and the flowers inside which emerge as a stunning centrepiece. The combination of tea leaves and flowers produce a wonderfully scented liquor from pale yellow to golden in colour and often a light flavour with sweet undertones.